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What can I expect if called for jury duty?

Chances are that if you have not already been called for jury duty, you will be. In Connecticut our courts have a system where if you are not selected to sit on a jury the day you appear for jury duty you will have fulfilled your obligation as a potential juror for a year. You… Read More »

Should I consider mediation or arbitration?

The rising number of lawsuits filed by businesses and individuals has caused an increase in the use of alternative means of resolving disputes, such as mediation and arbitration.Mediation and arbitration are referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR. The potential advantages of mediation and arbitration are that they may save you significant time and… Read More »


Before alimony is ever granted by a court, the judge must take into account the following:  (1) the length of the marriage of the parties, (2) the cause for the divorce or legal separation, (3) the respective ages of the parties involved, (4) the health of the parties, (4) station in life, (5) occupation, (6)… Read More »

What are the nuts and bolts about divorce in Connecticut?

Until death do us part. This phrase, or one similar to it, has been repeated innumerable times since the institution of the marriage ceremony in modern times. However, these five words do not seem to carry the same weight as they once did. Unfortunately, in this modern era divorce has become a common place occurrence…. Read More »

What is title insurance?

A title insurance policy protects mortgage lenders and property owners against unexpected losses due to a defect involving a property’s title. Some of these defects include, for example, unrecorded mechanic’s liens, fraudulent conveyances, or errors in indexing liens or attachments.A title insurance policy, in general, does what a lawyer’s searching of the title to a… Read More »

What questions do I need to discuss with my mortgage originator?

The purchase of a home is likely to be the largest financial transaction in a person’s lifetime. Since few people have enough cash to purchase a home, most homes are purchased with borrowed money. In recent years, there have been many changes in the way home purchases are financed.There has been an explosion of mortgage… Read More »

Role of the real estate agent

An experienced Real Estate Agent can help both the home buyer and seller. A Real Estate Agent can offer advice to the seller on the suggested listing price, how best to show the home and approximately how long it will take the home to sell. The Real Estate Agent can help the buyer find the… Read More »

Landowner liability

Ownership and possession of real estate exposes the owner to liability for injuries that occur on the property. The duty owed by the landowner depends on the legal status of the injured person. The duty owed to someone who is a trespasser is less than the duty owed to someone invited on the property as… Read More »

Getting started on buying or selling a home

If you are considering buying or selling your home, you should start the process by engaging a reputable real estate broker or experienced agent and an attorney to represent your interests. Even in a small state like Connecticut, the customs and procedures used to transfer real estate vary significantly from county to county. For example,… Read More »

Why make a will?

The best reason for making a Will is to leave your property to the people, churches and charities you care about. Wills are not only for people who want to set up trusts or save on taxes. If you die before making a Will, in most circumstances your property will be distributed to your family… Read More »